Mr White

Mr White (Ian Liston) is the head of kitchen and catering at the borstal, and oversees inmates who work in that area.

He first appears during the weekly inspections by the Governor, where he keenly offers him samples of the inmate's daily food for taste and grading.

He is also present at the Wings Maintenance Meeting (chaired by Housemaster Goodyear) where he protests about inmates complaining of fish being 'bad', claiming it was perhaps just 'strong tasting Atlantic fish' instead, much to the unimpressed amusement of the inmates present.

He also retorts (somewhat annoyed at being undermined by the inmates in front of the Housemaster) at further complaints of being unable to make crispy batter for the fish, claiming the budget cannot afford the powdered ingredients required.

He is last seen fleeing behind a barred door with the warders when the inmates start a riot in the mess hall.


(To James) "Wasn't bad then, was it lad? D'ya think I'd have poisoned meself?"

1977 VersionEdit

In the BBC screenplay, White is portrayed by David Stockton.

Stockton's performance as White is more smug and self-assured than Liston's, who plays him more annoyed and defensive.

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