Ronald Toyne (Herbert Norville) is largely a background character for most of the film, until he receives a letter from his parents informing him of the death (cause unstated) of his wife, nicknamed 'Candy'. (The Matron mistakenly assumes she is a family pet when she reads the short letter to Toyne.)

Toyne goes into a deep depression which culminates in a hysterical breakdown, slashing his wrist and screaming down the borstal corridors; his friend Meakin desperately tries to restrain him until officers Sands and Duke drag him away, snarling unsympathetic racial abuse. He is then transferred to Wormwood Scrubs prison.

It is later revealed that Toyne took a second suicide attempt in The Scrubs, which succeeded in his death; Meakin, learning of his friend's death during a wing maintenance meeting, responds with furious anger at the borstal's apathetic handling of the crisis, and walks out.

Toyne's death was the first of two tragic suicides in the film which brings about the film's revolutionary conclusion - a huge riot in the mess hall.


(To Matron): "My WIFE...Candy was my nickname for my wife."

1977 VersionEdit

In the BBC screenplay, Toyne is portrayed by Trevor Butler.

He does not commit suicide in this version, although the loss of his wife and his depression remain in.

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