Carlin defeating 'Baldy'

The Challenge scene is a face-off between Carlin and 'Baldy', the 'Daddy' of B-Wing block. After Carlin defeats Banks, Baldy puts the word out that he wants to challenge Carlin for overall control.

Scene breakdownEdit

The scene begins at shovel work time, when inmates are shovelling coal or coke into wheelbarrows. A boiler house is nearby where Baldy has arranged (via a message passed on from Carlin's money-collector Dougan) to fight Carlin. The warders are aware of the situation, and Mr Greaves, who is supervising the work, knowingly turns a blind eye when Carlin puts down his shovel to go into the boiler house when two of Baldy's lookouts appear outside the entrance.

Carlin walks to the back of the building where Baldy awaits, standing ready in a fighting stance. Carlin sneers and says "Where's yer tool?" Baldy, not understanding what he means, responds negatively, and is suddenly smashed in the face with a steel pipe Carlin has concealed under his jacket. Carlin follows in with more blows, and floors Baldy who gives in, bloodied and bruised.

Carlin furiously tells Baldy where his place is - he runs B-Wing, but Carlin gives the orders. Baldy has no choice but to comply, and Carlin makes a final aggressive racist comment before hitting him one last time and walks away. When Carlin emerges from the boiler house unscathed, Baldy's startled lookouts run quickly inside to help him. Greaves gives Carlin a subtle respectful glance, and work returns to normal.

Despite the heavy racist language used in this scene, Carlin's use of it is more to do with ruthlessness, survival and psychology against his opponent rather than blatant racial hatred (he does not appear to have issues with any other black inmates), although it does show how the brutalisation of the system has set well into Carlin.

The iconic image of a snarling Carlin weilding the steel pipe has been used in many promotional media images for Scum, including posters and video and DVD artwork.

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