Davis lies on the floor after the assault

The Rape Scene in 1979's Scum is a very disturbing scenario which has been cut from some versions of the film. It is a key moment highlighting the shocking cruelty and apathy of the system, which leads to the film's final riot scene.

Scene breakdownEdit

It begins with some of the inmates working on garden duty in a field and allotment area, with some C-Wing inmates working the field and A-Wing inmate Davis working alone in a greenhouse potting shed. The C-Wingers - James, Chambers and Smith - ask the supervisor gardener Mr Philpott if they can have a 'quick burn' (smoke) and they head to the greenhouse area to light up; upon seeing Davis alone, they enter the greenhouse.

A shocking sexual assault scene follows, with James leading the attack. Davis is sodomised by at least two of the inmates before Mr Sands enters, having seen what is going on through a window - he merely smiles to himself, as if sadistically amused by Davis' terrified cries and suffering.

Sands enters just as the gang are finished, and orders them to get back to work, and asks Davis what happened. Davis, lying on the floor sobbing, gives the standard excuse of having 'fell' as all inmates do when attacked or showing signs of injury. Sands, knowing full well what really happened, heartlessly tells Davis "Fall back on yer feet then! This isn't Kew Gardens laddie, on yer feet!"

Davis later learns that he will be on gardening duty again the next day, and, driven to despair and fearing another attack, commits suicide in his cell by cutting his wrists after warder Mr Greaves ignores his pleas for help. His bloodsoaked body is discovered by Mr Sands at morning call.

1977 VersionEdit

Davis, played this time by Martin Phillips, seeks help from Carlin after the assault (less graphic in this version) but is rebuffed by Carlin after Davis wants to discuss the matter in private (Carlin's 'missus' Peter Rhodes is with him at the time) to which Carlin, in a bored and surly mood, refuses. Davis later commits suicide in his cell.

Trivia Edit

The rape of Davis is filmed similarly to the rape scene in the 1971 film Straw Dogs where the character Amy Sumner (played by Susan George) is anally raped by Norman Scutt (Ken Hutchison). In both scenarios, the camera focuses on the faces of the victims (ie Davis and Amy respectively) rather than their bodies.

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