Mr Greaves

Mr Greaves (Philip Jackson), along with Mr Sands, is one of the most prominent warders at the borstal. While he is not shown to be as violent as Sands, he is still largely brutalised by the system. For instance, Greaves is the one who tells Banks about Carlin's arrival at the institution. On another occasion, when Carlin is about to respond to a challenge from another 'daddy' from B-Wing, he nods to Greaves, who walks away for a few minutes, which indicates that he was aware of what was about to happen. Greaves also seems to subtly respect Carlin; after the beating on Baldy, Greaves is shown smiling when he sees that Carlin is victorious; however, this could be a hint that Greaves holds racist views, and doesn't want to see the white Carlin beaten by the black Baldy.

When troubled and abused inmate Davis suffers some severe nightmares and rings for Greaves, he is completely oblivious to his obvious mental state and labels Davis a time waster. When Davis rings his bell a second time (after cutting his wrists), Greaves simply looks up to the alarm system to see who is ringing in his office and, when he sees that it is Davis' bell again, just goes back to reading his newspaper.

In many ways, Greaves represents the overall apathy and unhelpfulness of the system.


"Cut that out Davis, or I'll give you something to cry about, ya mardy-arse little toerag! You ring that bell for no f***ing reason again, and I'll 'ave you down the block before yer feet touch the ground! Now get yer sub-normal head DOWN!"

1977 VersionEdit

In the BBC screenplay, Greaves is portrayed by Stewart Harwood.

Harwood's Greaves is more thuggish than Philip Jackson's surly and miserable portrayal.

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