Eckersley (Ray Burdis) is an inmate who forms the other third of the gang who target Carlin and the newcomers upon their arrival at the institution. Although he makes general threats about his facility to be violent, he is mainly a lookout for Banks and Richards and is seen mainly as a coward.

He sets up nervous new inmate Davis with a radio theft charge, and also watches from a distance with pleasure as Carlin and Angel are beaten up on their first day. He also picks on Formby when he mocks him at the Matron's inmate group discussion meeting.

He is finally subdued when Carlin assaults Richards, as he cowers to Carlin's shout of "Back, grass!" when he tries to run off to warn Banks; when Carlin also takes out Banks, Eckersley's threat to others is greatly diminished.

He is seen afterwards plotting and openly boasting about a 'big job' with Richards when they get out, as well as their prowess with women; they are not taken seriously by others, and young inmates Rhodes and Jackson mock them, knowing they are fairly toothless with Banks out of the way and Carlin in control.

Eckersley has a cruel sense of humour and a wheezy, 'Muttley' type laugh, as in the cartoon character.


"Cos you murdered that kid!"
(To 14 year old inmate Formby when he asks why he's so far from home).

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