Dougan (Patrick Murray) is a numerically-minded inmate who collects incoming money from family and visitors of other inmates.

Trusted (to a certain degree) by Banks and the warders, Dougan has few if any enemies, and is generally good-natured, neutrally alligned and moderatly skilled in negotiations tactics. He also works in the borstal's catering, often doing the tea rounds. Due to Dougan's uses to both warders and inmates, he is generally left alone and has a considerable amount of respect from his peers compared to other inmates who are not the "Daddy".

After Banks' demise, Dougan answers to Carlin, and successfully manages to negotiate a compromise on Carlin's harsh percentage demands, settling at 55% per pound (£), leaving 45 pence to the inmate.

He also passes on messages between wings, informing Carlin of Baldy's challenge from rival B-Wing block. Also, during a tea round, Dougan passes on the message to inmate Meakin that his friend Toyne has committed suicide.

1977 VersionEdit

In the 1977 BBC screenplay, Patrick Murray plays the same role, with an added scene where he gets angry with Woods for going on and on about his puppies and his visitors (Dougan has never had a visitor).

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