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Dog Pound

Dog Pound is a 2010 French-Canadian co-production film by Kim Chapiron.

It is based on Alan Clarke's Scum movie from 1979, and is a modern remake set in a North American youth correctional facility. It was released on August 28th 2010.


WARNING: Contains Spoilers

On any given day, more than 100,000 children are held in detention centers in North America. 60% will go on to become multiple offenders...

Three young offenders - Butch, Angel and Davis - arrive at Enola Vale, Montana juvenile correctional center and are placed under the authority of Goodyear, an experienced, strict yet empathetic guard.

Butch, transferred from another institution for assault, is facing the dire prospect of adult prison, and must keep his head down. He befriends Max, a funny, sharp free spirit whose attitude endlessly provokes the authorities. Butch and the vulnerable Davis are soon subject to vicious attacks by Enola Vale’s most feared inmate, Banks. Both refuse to inform and are sent to solitary, where Max has also been confined for insolence.

Returning to general population, and seeing no other option, Butch challenges and defeats Banks and assumes the position of top dog, the ‘Daddy’ of Enola Vale. Under Butch's protection, Davis' confidence grows.

The fragile balance of everyday life is tipped by an ill-fated incident involving Goodyear and Angel, who winds up in hospital. Butch lashes out against the superintendent's failure to react and is returned to solitary. In his absence, Banks’ goons rape Davis in a terrible act of retaliation and provocation. Shamed, abandoned by the authorities and unable to face the prospect of future assaults, Davis kills himself. His death triggers a riot amongst the inmates. In the confusion, Max leads Butch in an unplanned escape... but there’s no way out.

Filming Trivia[]

  • Dog Pound was shot in New Brunswick, Canada.
  • Chapiron used real life inmates in this production to get a realistic feel and effect, some of which are still incarcerated.
  • The riot scene apparently took three days to film.
  • French director Chapiron is a relatively young filmaker, 28 years old at the time of making Dog Pound.
  • The film was well received at the Tribeca Film Festival, where it won Best Director 2010.

Characters & Cast[]

  • Butch - Adam Butcher
  • Davis - Shane Kippel
  • Angel - Mateo Morales
  • Max - Slim Twig
  • Banks - Taylor Poulin
  • Frank - Dewshane Williams
  • Goodyear - Laurence Bayne
  • Sands - Trent McMullen
  • Loony - Jeff McEnery
  • Harrel - Michael Morang
  • Kuruk - Clayton Joseph
  • Sal - Alexander Conti
  • Meakin - William Ellis
  • Gahege - Michael Jr. States
  • Eckersley - Bryan Murphy
  • Phillips - Arnold Pinnock
  • Greaves - Tim Turnell
  • Miss Biggs - Lynne Adams

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