Angel (Alrick Riley) is one of three new inmates at the start of Scum, with Carlin and Davis. His number is 4736.

Small and quiet, and placed in mainly all-white A-Wing, Angel is quickly picked on by Banks and his stooges Richards and Eckersley, trashing his cell and beating him violently; immediatly afterwards, he is subjected to severe racial hatred from senior warder Mr Sands, and put on report for 'damaging government property'.

Angel quickly becomes a background character afterwards, and is really only featured again as inmate Betts 'bride' (a practical joke by the other inmates as Betts has gained a few hours leave to marry his fiancee), a stunt which quickly gets out of control into a racial fight.

Angel represents a classic victim of hateful racism which operated within the borstal system.

1977 VersionEdit

In the BBC screenplay, Angel is portrayed by Davidson Knight.

He has a noteable extra scene where his clothes are stolen while bathing, leading him to walk back naked to his cell - unfortunately, he encounters the Matron on the way who screams, and Angel is accosted by warders and put on report.

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